The Real Submersible! Not all LED lights are the same!

Most "submersible" LED lights that you buy are marketed as such because somewhere in the manufacturing process they decided a glob of silicone around a few wires in an open space or use of a rubber seal around the lens would keep out water. The truth is most of them make claims of being waterproof, but they are no where close! 

Companies can claim lifetime LED because as a stand alone LED light, it may very well last forever, however when water is introduced; corrosion occurs, any and all lights will fail. 

In addition most lights are encased with a plastic backing and front lens simply glued together or a rubber seal is used to attempt the sealing process.  Again, like the silicone glob inserted into open wires, it isn't fool proof. 

The Real Submersible
Truly submersible LED lights will be comprised of the following: IP68 Rated, Ultrasonic Welded casing and most importantly, Potted Circuitry. What does this all mean? 

IP68 Rated
IP is the name of the standard that was drawn up by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) to determine how resistant an electrical device is to fresh water and common raw materials – like dirt, dust and sand.

The first digit after IP is the rating the IEC assigned a unit for its resistance to solids. In this case, it’s six – which means no “harmful” dust or dirt seeped into the unit after being in direct contact with the matter eight-hours.

Next, we have the water resistance rating.

There are two leading ratings at present – seven and eight, with the former meaning that the device can be submerged in up to one meter of fresh water for half an hour, and the latter up to 1.5 meters for half an hour.

Let’s be clear here: the rating the International Electrotechnical Commission assigns is strictly for fresh water. That means it doesn’t guarantee protection from submersion in other liquids – beer, coffee, salt water and soda, to name but a few. So if you are in and out of Saltwater or live in an area where salt is used regularly on roads for inclement weather, you'll also need to be sure your LED lights have ultrasonic welded casing and potted circuitry.

Ultrasonic Welded Casing 
Ultrasonic plastic welding is the joining or reforming of thermoplastics through the use of heat generated from high-frequency mechanical motion. It is accomplished by converting high-frequency electrical energy into high-frequency mechanical motion. That mechanical motion, along with applied force, creates frictional heat at the plastic components’ mating surfaces (joint area) so the plastic material melts and forms a molecular bond between the parts.

Hear that folks, molecular bond!  It is a fast, clean, efficient, and repeatable process that produces strong, integral bonds while consuming very little energy. No solvents, adhesives, mechanical fasteners or external heat are required. 

Potted Circuitry
In electronics, potting is a process of filling a complete electronic assembly (no open space) with a solid or gelatinous compound for resistance to shock and vibration, and for exclusion of moisture and corrosive agents. 

Thermosetting plastics or silicone rubber gels are often used, though epoxy resins are also very common. Many sites recommend using a potting product to protect sensitive electronic components from impact, vibration, and loose wires. In the potting process, an electronic assembly is placed inside a mold (i.e. the "pot") which is then filled with an insulating liquid compound that hardens, permanently protecting the assembly. The mold is part of the finished article and can provide shielding or heat dissipating functions in addition to acting as a mold.

Kraken Wiring partnered with TecNiq Inc provides LED Lights that are IP68 Rated, Ultrasonic Welded Cases and Potted Circuitry for The Real Submersible! Not only are our lights truly submersible with lifetime LEDs, the entire Kraken Wiring Harness and Light System is Plug & Play; IP68 Rated Waterproof Connections; Heavy Duty Jacketed Marine Grade Wire; Single Point Ground; and All Stainless Steel Hardware provided. What are you waiting for...Get Kraken!

Stay tuned for more on this topic, why all other LED "Submersible" lights fail!