Trailer Preparation

  1. Remove old wiring and lights


Installation Lights

  1. Install tail lights using provided stainless steel hardware. Use a ¾ drill bit or ¾ metal hole saw to drill holes for all flush mount clearance and side marker lights. Insert clearance and side marker lights using the grommets provided into the ¾ holes.


Installation Wiring


  1. Beginning with vehicle connection end, and run through the center beam of trailer frame leaving approximately 20 inches past the trailer tongue.
  2. Apply dielectric grease to the connectors then connect the driver side and passenger side harness sections to the appropriate connectors of the vehicle harness.
  3. Use a ¼ drill bit to drill a hole in a section of the trailer frame that will not be submerged in water when boat is launched. Connect the ground wire using provided stainless steel hardware and apply dielectric grease to grounding surface (make sure grounding surface is clean)
  4. Run driver and passenger side harness sections down length of the trailer plugging in all clearance lights, tail lights and light bar. Apply dielectric grease to all connections before connecting. You can now test your lights by plugging in your vehicle connector to your vehicle.
  5. To finish your Kraken Wiring installation, install the included stainless steel wire loom clamps approximately every 2 feet to secure wiring. Attach the wire clams by using a ¼ drill bit to drill holes and secure with the provided stainless steel hardware. Zip ties may also be used to secure the T connectors and to neatly attach your new wiring to the trailer frame. Ensure that no wiring is left unsecured. Unsecured wiring can be damaged during towing.  

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