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DIY Trailer Wiring -Top Tips to consider

Kraken Wiring designs heavy duty wiring and lighting harnesses specifically for salt water boat trailers. If you want to build your own trailer wiring and lighting harness versus buying our kit, I would recommend the method described in this article. This is the best way to bulletproof your boat trailer wiring and lights DIY.

Not all LED lights are the same! More on why your "waterproof" lights fail.

Last week we posted The Real Submersible! Not all LED Lights are the same! We explained the casing/lens, the silicone glob that is haphhazardly injected into the wire cavity and the lack of rating by the international electrotechnical comission (IEC). We also explained what to look for in a truly Submersible LED light. Here we will go further into reasons your waterproof LED lights fail and where to find the best!

The Real Submersible! Not all LED lights are the same!

Wondering why your lifetime LED lights claiming to be submersible aren't really submersible much less lifetime? We will show you why as well as how to find The Real Submersible!