The Kraken Story


Early Beginnings

I grew up around boats and I have owned trailers my entire adult life. It seems like I have always had issues with the lights or wiring. Think about this scenario we have all been through…

It’s the 4th of July, and we’re headed out to go fishing and enjoy a day on the water. The boat is packed with our gear, coolers are iced, our crew is ready and yet again I have a tail light that is not functioning on the boat trailer.

My wife and I began to notice that most auxiliary trailers on the road have lights that are not functioning properly. Look around as you drive down the highway today. It doesn’t matter if it’s a boat trailer, utility trailer or otherwise, they always have issues.

I felt like I was constantly replacing a light. Then the light wouldn’t work and I’d replace a connector, when that wouldn’t solve the problem, I would eventually rip out the entire harness and replace it, only to have the same issues a year or two down the road or sooner. It was a never ending battle!

I was fed up of replacing lights and rewiring my trailer. Not only was this a time consuming process, but I was doing it every year or two. Wasn’t it Albert Einstein that said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?

That’s when we set out to create Kraken Wiring. Our main goal is to provide a wiring harness/lighting system that is made to last. Once you have our harness, you never have to fool with lights or wiring components on your trailer ever again and if you do, the process is simple. Our mission is just that… Simple; build the best trailer wiring and lighting system on the planet!

Kraken Wiring harnesses and lights are built with Plug & Play IP68 Rated connections that make installation a snap. It doesn’t take knowledge of wiring systems to install our harness. Our entire system is Plug and Play!

Remember I grew up around boats and trailers my entire life. I have put trailers in the most extreme of conditions in and out of salt water and Kraken Wiring is made to stand up to those conditions! So if you’re tired of faulty wiring and lights on your trailer; components that are cheap and hard to install, Get Kraken!

- Jason Arledge, Kraken Wiring Founder

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